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HTML validator CSS validator


My private contribution to the Free Software


2005-06-15 - "Why Free Software" by Emidio Planamente

Some good reason to migrate to Free Software

2004-07-30 - "Free as in freedom" by Richard Stallman

Summary of the most important things written in "Codice libero".
This is the italian version of "Free as in freedom", a book about Richard Stallman's life and the Free software

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2007-02-22 - Untrusted/Windows Vista ed il Trusted Computing by Alessandro Bottoni

Windows Vista Ŕ arrivato sugli scaffali dei negozi. Ma Ŕ pi¨ sicuro di Windows XP? Quanto Trusted Computing porta con sÚ? Saremo costretti ad adottare questa tecnologia? Una piccola indagine.

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Knowledge database

Solution to some problems that you can encounter by using GNU/Linux.


Collection of howtos written by me for the GNU/Linux Debian operating system.


The Free Software has a very large collection of programms. Since sometimes it is not so easy to find out what programms can be used for a specific need, I have made these pages:



Collection of GNU/Linux and Tux's images found in internet.


My Emi's Media Center

Very simple media center.

My Emi's rescue CD

Rescue CD with LVM2, RAID and dm-crypt support.

My Debian packages

Collection of packages created by me for the GNU/Linux Debian operating system.

My Debian bug reports

My bug reports for the GNU/Linux Debian operating system.


The best unofficial packages for Debian GNU/Linux.

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