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Full list of Emidio packages

How to install these packages.

If you are new bie by Debian (or generally by GNU/Linux), I will suggest you to install at least the following packages:

You can easily install the whole collection installing emiutility only.


Dummy package for utility suite of Emidio Planamente.

The whole emiutility suite depends on this package. Therefore uninstalling this package the whole suite will automatically deinstalled :-(


Utility suite of Emidio Planamente.

This is a suite of useful tools for users who work with bash. The package it self doesn't contain programs but is used for install the whole suite calling only one single package.


Alps workaround.

The alps driver present in the psmouse module seems to don't work when called the first time. This is a bug either in the driver it self or in the BIOS. This script just unloads and reloads this module during the start up, so that the touchpad works correctly once the Xwindow is started.


Purge old package from local mirror.

Removes old packages from the LOCALDIR specified in /etc/apt-move.conf.

emiclock-sync_1.0-3_i386.deb (demo)

System clock synchronization.

Syncronize the internal system clock with a internet time server. The syncronization is very accurate and will done each day with a cron job.

emicp_1.1-1_i386.deb (demo)

Backup file or directory.

This isn't a really backup tool, but is more for quickly create a backup of your file or directory before edit them, so that if something goes wrong you have the original version yet.


Partition monitor.

Check if a partition has reached it's warning amount. This is useful if you have an automatic job that writes in a partition. The partition can be checked before the job will start, and if it has reached the specified amount of used space, the job can be stopped.


PDF distiller.

Create Portable Document Format (PDF) files from postscript files. This is an automatic service that will periodically (default each 1 minute) scan a specified directory for postscript files, convert them to PDF and send a notification mail to the owner of the file.

emidist-upgrade_1.6-1_i386.deb (demo)

Easy dist-upgrade for apt-get and more.

Easily update list of available packages, download new packages, install new packages, move downloaded packages to local mirror (if available), check for new orphan libraries, clean local repository.


Make daily backups of list of installed packages.

Check every day if the list of the installed packages has changed. In this case, a backup of the list is made and optionally a warning mail is sent.

emifloppy_1.3-1_i386.deb (demo)

Floppy disk manager.

Floppy disk utility for formatting, creating filesystem, make it bootable.

emijpeg-tools_1.1-1_i386.deb (demo)

JPEG transformation.

Collection of tool to get media files from card. Additionally, rotate, convert to grayscale, read and write comment to jpeg files.


Perl library for Emidio's scripts.

Provides basic functions that are used from the most part of the Emidio's scripts. They can also be used by normal users.

emirdiff-backup_2.5-2_i386.deb (demo)

Make daily differential-backups.

Make backups (also daily thanks a cronjob) of the specified directories using rdiff-backup. The destination directory can be a mount point, so that it can be mounted and unmounted automatically to improve security. A very interesting feature of the rdiff-backup, is that the first time, the whole source is copied one to one, but the following times, only the differences will be backuped. In this way, you can make more backups of a very big directory without wasting a lot of harddisk space. Furthermore, you can easily restore the last backup but also each old backup.


Convert tabs to spaces and viceversa.

All the tabs present in a file can be converted to spaces. All the sequences of spaces in a file can be converted to tabs.

emizip_1.3-1_i386.deb (demo)

Archive and compressed files manager.

Create/extract compressed and not compressed archive.

Emidio Planamente

Last modified on 2005-09-18